NAFTA in play: What’s at stake for Canada-U.S. trade

Author: RACHELLE YOUNGLAI ECONOMICS REPORTER THE GLOBE AND MAIL "With the future of the North American free-trade agreement up in the air, Ottawa is scrambling to ensure that trade with the United States is not seriously disrupted. U.S. trade is vital to Canada, and rewriting NAFTA could affect huge swaths of the country’s economy and

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UN says it is monitoring Canada-U.S. border situation

OTTAWA – The United Nations refugee agency is keeping a careful eye on the situation at the Canada-U.S.. border, where dozens of people have been crossing illegally in recent weeks to seek asylum. The agency’s representative in Ottawa recently spent a day watching people make their way through an unofficial border crossing in Quebec and

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Can U.S. customs officers legally search my phone when driving across the border?

My husband and I are driving to the United States next month for a family wedding and I’m worried that we might not make it through the border – especially if they ask to see our cellphones. I post a lot about politics on Facebook and my husband is originally from a Muslim country. What

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Tense Borders Between US and Canada is Bad for Travel

But, it’s us, the Canadian public, that really need the courage to change. According to a new Angus Reid poll, 25 per cent of us want to impose a Trump-style travel ban, and over 40 per cent say we are accepting too many refugees. Let’s be clear–this is bollocks. As of last month, Canada has

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